Books and Music to Help You

Get Back to Health

These books are fantastic sources for BECOMING AWARE and PREVENTING chronic diseases that you do not want.

The music is phenomenal with helping you to maintain a cheerful attitude and to keep your inner voice in a positive state.

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"Dr Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes"
book by Dr. Neal Barnard


"True Balance" book by Sonia Choquette, PhD
A commonsense guide for renewing your spirit


"True Balance" music CD by Mark Stanton Welch
companion CD to the book of same title.


"Life is Good" music CD by Mark Stanton Welch
with song: "Prayer for Protection"


"The Cure" book by Dr. Timothy Brantley
Heal your body, save your life from cancer


"YOU the Owner's Manual" book by Dr. Oz & Dr Roizen
Guide to a strong, healthy, vibrant life


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