How to Succeed at New Years Resolutions:

 A resolution is a goal.

With that in mind,

take steps to reach your goal.

It may take to the end of the year

to fully implement this year’s resolutions.


The goal is the end of the year.

 First, gather information.

Let it settle in your mind.

Sort between that which is feasible,

desirable, wanted, needed

and what is too time consuming

and too difficult to achieve realistically.

Reject that which will not fit into your life.


Action, Strategy, Goal

     1.    Action includes thinking, focus, losing focus

          and coming back to it over and over again.

2.    Strategy includes the logical steps,

the creativity and the research.

3.    The goal is at the finish line,

which is the end of the year for a New Year’s Resolution.


"Success is a numbers game" - Brian Tracy

 If you have a to-do list of 10 items

and accomplish 2 of those items,

you feel you have failed.

If you have a to-do list of 2 items

and accomplish those 2 items,

you feel you have succeeded.

Pick several goals. Work on them one at a time.


Will power vs life style changes

 Will power may last 21 days or 6 weeks.

The goal most likely will be abandoned after 2 months.

Life style changes evolve much slower

and have a lasting effect.


The spiral effect

 If you keep doing the same thing,

you’ll keep getting the same results.

You’ll end up going in circles.

If you slightly alter something towards a desirable outcome,

that will gain momentum over the weeks to your advantage.

Then, you’ll begin to spiral towards your goal,

naturally and effortlessly.



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