Confronting people with chronic diseases
of the mouth:

5 VIP Steps

  • Consider timing, location and privacy
  • Be specific with facts
  • State your feelings
  • Express your needs
  • Ask for their response

If you stick to facts about the situation, and not your opinions, any anger towards you will subside.

For example:
Avoid saying an opinion: "You talk too much."
Fact: "In one hour of talking, I talked just 3 minutes."
"I feel THAT is unfair. I would like to talk more next time. What do you think?"

Some common ailments,
diseases of the mouth and tongue:

non-stop talking
not ever talking
not checking in with the people present
dumping toxic emotions
off topic
cold hearted
unable to accept silence during conversation

Time is valuable, like money. 
Stop people from stealing
your opportunity to talk. 

Visualize a healthy conversation
to be like a beach ball bouncing
from person to person.
Pass the ball to the quiet ones.
Let everyone join in the fun.

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