Bad Vibes


DEFINE: Bad vibes
Having bad vibes in a situation is a feeling of dread. 
It is an uneasy feeling.

To worsen a person’s mood, to annoy, to displease,
to make weary, to cause discomfort or distress,
to cheapen the mood or atmosphere.

You do not have to accept bad vibes. 
Negative emotions, such as:
pent up frustrations,
feeling upset,
and chronic resentments,
produce bad vibes.

Do not blame anyone, including yourself.
People absorb bad vibes from other people,
the news, politics, opinions and social media.  
Keep it neutral. The less drama the better.

Pray to God.
Stop me from judging or labeling people.
Imagine this room is thick with stench
and I cannot breathe well.
Give me the power to walk away.

I need to leave.”
“I don’t feel good. I have to go.” 
"I won't be coming, I don't feel good."

Have enough self respect to just leave.  Shield yourself.
Give yourself permission to protect your mental health.

Change the channel, get onto a positive train of thought.
“Tell me something good.”
“You certainly have a lot to say.  May I speak now?”

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Bad Vibes, z. 1904, p. 1910, dread, distress, walk away, heal, relationships