Heal Your Relationships



Repair relationships with gratitude, respect, acknowledgement, forgiveness and kind thoughts.

The Secret to Relationships - is what you focus on.

Flowers - Vitamin F, the meaning of colors. Change moods with flowers.

Personality Types - Understand differences with others.

Angry, Mean People

Assertiveness is Key

Assertive Responses to Rude Interruptions

Bad Vibes

Blame No One

GREY - Assertively Confront


Gossip - There is a fine line between gossip and slander.

Complaining - Constant complaining about someone is slander.

Talkaholics - How can we help talkaholics?

Thinkers and Talkers - Think and grow rich. Talk and grow poor. Stop and listen.

Tolerance and Intolerance - Two wolves inside us

Worry - Worry or trust in God

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