Someone says / you tell yourself / you believe

“You ARE” ______________   (an adjective).



Your subconscious then equates your character, your identity,

even your whole existence to an descriptive word.

Your identity becomes STATIC in that regard

unless you reprogram your mind to reject it as false.

“YOU = Adjective”

fixates thoughts and restricts your identity.

Your self talk is your internal dialogue between your conscious

mind and your subconscious mind.

So now, your subconscious mind connects

that statement to your IDENTITY.



The subconscious falsly CONVICTS.

ANTS – Automatic Negative Thoughts

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

I AM...inferior to you.



The ego automatically puffs up.


I AM… better than you.



Using You ARE, I AM…

creates and EQUATION, a sense of STATIC existence.

It is like having a LABEL on your forehead.

It gives a sense that this is unchangeable.

It defines. It boxes you in.

It is a false appraisal of your CHARACTER and your IDENTITY!


Life is DYNAMIC. You change constantly.


Rephrase that please - Rethink.

You are wrong! I disagree with that.
You are lazy. You seem unmotivated.
I am depressed. I felt sad the last 3 hours.
You are beautiful. I see beauty in you.
I am right. I prefer this.
I am angry. That made me angry.
I am upset. I got upset about that.
You are an alcoholic. You suffer from alcoholism.
I am a diabetic. I have diabetes.
You are a dis-ease. I feel at ease now.


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