It is about WORDS!

 If my spouse tells me “YOU ARE LAZY.”

I need to dialogue with my "self" and have a self talk.


Someone says - “You ARE LAZY.”

When they saw you laying on the couch for 4 hrs.

That was excessive rest in their mind.

That behavior that you did was not acceptable to them.



Attributes of your actions are constantly changing.

When someone repeatedly states that “You are lazy”

then your own mind, your "self", your subconscious,

plays the same records over and over,

stating an ASSUMPTION, a BELIEF,

that has not been verified, proven to be true or false.

Without a filter, the message is accepted as true.



Stop and think, filter the message, reprogram the mind.


I am NOT __________ a lazy person.

I was behaving…

I appeared as…

Rather, I FELT…   exhausted that evening for awhile.

That statement tore down my character.

That idea is now snaking around in my mind.

That false belief has broken my heart.



My name is not LAZY.

My identity is not LAZY.

I must tell my SELF over and over THAT.

That, I AM NOT “LAZY.”

I am not Lazy Daisy.

I WAS EXHAUSTED at that moment in time.

I worked hard, and then I got exhausted.

Like a car, that drives all day, then parks.

A parked car is not LAZY.

I parked.



Actually, at this moment, for a few hours, I LOOK LAZY.

I FEEL EXHAUSTED, I have worked too much yesterday.

I need to rest, I need to slow down, I need to disengage,

I need to recharge.


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