Baldness, Thinning Hair & Gray Hair

Most likely, THINNING HAIR and BALDNESS come from drinking too much LIQUID.
Too much liquid in the body exceeds the kidneys' ability to process.
To prevent or curtail hair loss, take very good care of your KIDNEYS.

If THINNING HAIR in the front of the scalp:
Then consuming too much sugary substances: soft drinks, alcohol, fruit juices.

If LOSING HAIR at the back or center of the scalp:
Then consuming too much salt, red meat, cheese, chicken.

Then too much chronic STRESS,
which is harming the KIDNEYS.

GRAY HAIR can also occur from excessive use of SALT,
which makes the KIDNEYS contract.
This contraction blocks healthy flow of nutrients to the hair.


Within four months you should notice less hair falling out with these steps:

         Take good care of your KIDNEYS

         drink less LIQUIDS

         limit SALT

         re-assess your lifestyle for ways to manage STRESS


adapted from: Oriental Diagnosis

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