Eyes - How Can I Improve My Vision?

To the Eye Doctor:
  1. How can I improve my vision?
  2. What exercises can I do?
  3. How do I relax, massage, do a facial?
  4. How do I stop abusing, over-using my eyes?
  5. How to adjust my surroundings?
  6. What foods are best to help my vision?
  7. How do I prevent having to wear eye glasses?
  8. How do I keep from having my prescription increased?
  9. How do I avoid eye surgery?
  10. Is it okay to look at the sun?  If so, for how long?

1. Palming, sunning, shifting, blinking
Develop distance vision.
Stimulate peripheral vision. 

2. Look to the left as far as possible for 3 seconds. 
Look up for 3 seconds, then right, then down. 
Repeat several times.

Eye circles: look to your upper right as far as you can, 
then draw your eyes around in a sweeping circle.

3. Unwind
Stop for 15 minutes.  
Lay down on the floor. 
Do a mini-facial at home:
Dampen a wash cloth, lay down,
close your eyes with with the wash cloth over your eyes
for 10 minutes to 1 hour.
Get fresh air.
Get oxygen to your eyes and brain.

4. Computer usage
If you work all day on the computer,
or with devices, or reading,
then minimize eye fatigue by focusing at greater distances.
Tumors grow with light at night.
Avoid working late on the computer.
Minimize time on technological devices.

5. Take micro breaks, go on walks, visit the park, do some gardening.

Change your pillow cases at least once a week.
Vacuum and dust around your bed, at least several times a month.
Open curtains and windows for fresh air as much as possible. 

6. Orange foods & drinks help your vision. 
Get plenty of vitamins A, C & E.

Vitamin A - sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, carrot juice
Vitamin C - oranges, cantaloupe, orange juice
Vitamin E - nuts and seeds, peanut butter

7. What is going on? 
If your future looks dim, then your eyesight may get fuzzy. 

8. Are you over-working? 
Are you stressed? 
Is it just too difficult to stop?

Just pause, for 2 minutes. Walk away.

9. Really examine your inner self. 
What are your goals, what is preventing you
from leading the life you want to lead?
How can you come up with a workable compromise.

10. It is okay to glance at the bright noonday sun
for a few seconds, to adjust your distance vision. 
It is soothing to your soul to gaze at sunrises and sunsets.


book - Seeing Without Glasses, Improving Your Vision Naturally
by Dr. Robert-Michael Kaplan
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book - The Handbook of Self-Healing by Meir Schneider, page 350
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