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"5 to 10 minutes of sunlight daily helps one to sleep well" - z. 1507-02

"Tumors grow with over exposure to artifical light during the evening." - z. 1507-23


z. 1507-02
Eyesight and Sleeping Well - Sunlight and Darkness
Sunlight to Sleep Well
Sunlight for the eyes helps sleeping in darkness.
Vitamin D is a world wide epidemic. It is the most common nutrient deficiency we have.
So many problems are associated with Vitamin D deficiency.
2,000 IU minimum for adults.
Enjoy SUNLIGHT to get adequate amounts of vitamin D.
The sun must be at least at a 45 degree angle to the horizon
to reap the benefits of vitamin D.
Five to ten minutes outdoors in sunlight without sunglasses is beneficial.
Sunlight travels into the eyes to the pineal gland 
to produce melatonin which aids sleep.
Sunlight into the eyes stimulates the pineal gland, which produces melatonin.
Melatonin helps you sleep in darkness.
Melatonin levels rise in the darkness and ebb in brightness.

z. 1507-23

Eyesight, Tumors and Darkness
The eyes need darkness at night to stay healthy.
Tumors grow with over exposure to light during the night.
Abusive use of electronic devices will take their toll.
Darken your environment as much as possible in the evening.
Portable lamps are fantastic.

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