DIY Professional Teeth Cleaning

  How to do your own simple & easy
professional teeth cleaning.

Your teeth will look shiny
and feel so silky!


           Oil pulling
For stains: Use sesame oil or olive oil with a fresh peppermint leaf In the morning before eating, rub the oil on your gums, swish wait 15 minutes, then spit out.

Floss frequently throughout the day.
Keep one-handed flossing devices at work areas, car, kitchen, couch...

Gargling with pickling salt is great
for improving gum recession.
Using a mason jar,
make a brine of 1 oz pickling salt to 16 oz of hot water,
and keep in the bathroom.
This will last a few weeks.
It is important to use pickling salt,
not sea salt or table salt. 
Pickling salt can be found at your local grocery store typically near the spices.

Have a shot glass for each person: pour in 2 swigs of brine, swish vigorously, then spit out the particles.  
Hydrogen Peroxide can be substituted for the salt water.

Use a soft toothbrush.
Brush downwards on upper teeth.
Slow it down.
Brush upwards on bottom teeth, then brush the tongue.
Use baking soda,
or 60% baking soda & 40% pickling salt,
or health food store powder
or paste,
or herbalist blend.

Scrape your tongue every time you brush. 
Use your tongue to check-in, feel, all the areas of the mouth.

Go along the gum line with a rubber tip tool
to help avert gum recession.

This is a fun scientific experiment to do weekly.
Make a "volcano" in your mouth.
Pack in baking soda in between your teeth,
particularly in trouble spots.
Focus on the  bottom front teeth on the inside.
Add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar
Feel the foaming, cleansing action removing the plaque.
Spit it out and rinse with clean water.
This is to get the feeling of silky, smooth, squeaky clean teeth.

           Massage & Exercise
Massage your teeth and gums with a finger, keep the blood circulating well.  Exercise your jaws, teeth, neck to release tension and prevent teeth grinding.

What you'll need

pickling salt / baking soda / apple cider vinegar / toothpaste with neem / soft toothbrushes / floss / Gum soft picks / tea tree chewing sticks / toothpicks / sesame oil / olive oil / peppermint / Gum Rubber tip tool / tongue scraper / hydrogen peroxide - back to basics & very economical

ref: Tooth Summit Dec 2012/ Tera Warner & Nadine Artemis, 12 speakers

More tips by Nadine Artemis


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