2016 Yearbook

January 2016


Tolerance and Intolerance

z. 1601
Test the waters 2016jan30
Pink Smoothie 2016jan05


February 2016


Propaganda Relies on Emotionalism

z. 1602
Boundaries and Apple Carts z. 1602
Micronutrients Chart z. 1602


March 2016


How Can I Improve My Vision 2014mar13
Alzheimer's Disease - Cure 2016mar07
Memory Enhancement 2016mar07


April 2016


The Secret to Relationships - HEAL Mag

z. 1410
Assertiveness 2016apr08
Criticism 2016apr08
Eye Care 2016apr27


May 2016


Adjectives, You Are...

Wrong 2016may11
Lazy 2016may11
The Psychology of Words 2016may11


June 2016


Myths and Truths About Fats

z. 1606
Science of Prayer z. 1606


July 2016


imagination creates visions

personality types 2016jul27
healing music 2016jul11
cravings charts z. 1607
Electricity 101 z. 1607


August 2016


Value Your Emotions, Emotionalism

Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings z. 1608
Substitutes z. 1608
Healthy Ways - Mind z. 1608


September 2016


Twisting the Truth and Misperceptions

Various Topics - Ning z. 1609
Revitalize z. 1609


October 2016


Blame no one

z. 1610


November 2016


Do not occupy your mind with F.E.A.R.

z. 1611


December 2016