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Heed The Book


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Your repetitive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others can enhance or destroy your life. You choose.

Be honest to yourself with what ails you. You work and pray from the inside-out to heal yourself. And you seek professionals to help from the outside-in.

Remember the good.
Forgive and forget the hurt.
Learn the lesson.
Live with awe and gratitude.


Cure Yourself



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Probable Cause

New Thought Pattern

Acne Not accepting self I love myself right now
Aids Hopeless, nobody cares, sexual guilt I am powerful and capable
Alcoholism Guilt, Self-rejection I see my self-worth
Alzheimer's Dis-ease Hopeless, Helpless, Anger. Refusal to see the world as it is. I forgive and release the past
I move to joy
Anxiety Not trusting flow of life I love myself, I trust. I am safe.
I choose love
Arthritis Feeling unloved, critical I choose love
Baldness Tension, Fear, Lack Trust I am safe. I trust life
Blood Joy in life, flow freely I express & receive joy in life
Breath Ability to take in life I love life. It is safe to live
Cancer Deep hurt, Deep secret or grief I forgive all of the past.
I fill my world with joy.
I love and approve of myself.
Depression Anger you feel unjustified to have I go beyond others' fears
Eyes Future looks dim I am free. No one can hurt me.
Frigidity Denial of pleasure, Oversensitive I rejoice in being a woman
Growths Building resentments I easily forgive
Heart Problems Longstanding emotional problems.
Lack of joy. Hardening of the heart.
Belief in strain and stress.
Joy. Joy. Joy. I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind, body and experience.
Impotence Pressure, tension, guilt I allow the full power of my sexuality to operate with ease and joy.
Indigestion Gut level dread I digest new experiences with joy
Injuries Anger at self. Feeling guilty. Release anger positively
Insanity Fleeing from the family. Escape The mind knows its true identity and creativity
Itching Unsatisfied, remorse I love where I am, I accept my good
Jaw Problems Resentment, desire for revenge I am willing to change patterns
Kidney Problems Disappointment. Shame It is safe to grow up
Lung Problems Depression, grief. Fear of taking in life. I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the fullest.
Nervousness Anxiety, rushing, struggle There is plenty of time
I communicate with my heart
Osteoporosis Feeling no support left in life I stand up for myself
Overweight Fear, need for protection.
Running away from feelings.
Seeking fulfillment.
I am safe where I am.
I create my own security.
I love and approve of myself.
Parkinson's Fear and intense desire to control everyone and everything I relax. I am safe. I trust life's flow
Phlebitis (imflammation of a vein) Anger and frustration. Blaming others. Joy now flows freely through me.
I am at peace with life.
Respiratory Fear of taking in life fully I love my life
Round shoulders Burdened of life. Hopeless I stand tall and free
My life gets better every day
Snoring Refusing to let go of old patterns I release unjoyful thinking
Stomach Dread, unable to take in the new Life agrees with me
Stroke Giving up. Rejecting life Life is change. I adapt
Throat Channel of creativity I open my heart and sing joy
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