Assertiveness is Key


Stopping a Conversation, Declining


Salesmen      The prospect does not owe anything to the seller.

Many of us feel trapped or overwhelmed

by door to door solicitors and salesmen.


Firmly:          NO.

Thankfully:    I appreciate your _______.

Repeat:         NO.

Say:            You have answered a lot of my questions.

                    I really appreciate it. 

                    I enjoyed talking with you.

                    Give me your phone number,

                    If I have questions I will call you.


Mix and match statements:


want to



need to

take a break.



take a break.



stop for now.


give it

a rest for now.


Open Ended Questions


These questions are used to get you

to open your heart, your door, and your wallet.

If you need to elaborate with a question,

be aware of what is happening.


Where are you from?  Answer: 50 year history in detail.


z. 1203


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