Assertive Responses to Rude Interruptions


Conversations can become imbalanced.

One person may have their mind so full of things

they want to say,

that they are unwilling, unable to listen to the other person.

When they continuously derail topics, rudely interrupt,

and monopolize the conversation,

it is time to help them become aware

of the imbalanced situation.

Handling rude interruptions

Here are a few quick phrases:

As I was saying…

Let me finish…

May I finish?

Before I forget…

Before I am interrupted again.

I get upset when I’m unable to complete a sentence.

I had more to say on that.

Being assertive

Speak up.

Talk calmly.

Use I statements.

You statements can seem attacking,

and may give them power over you.


Assertiveness frees you from ruminating,

from being upset, for days.

z. 1805

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